Searching for the truth of group dynamics

Every now and then you discover or learn something that you believe is a sound statement, fact or pattern. Something which is true and will stay true even after a long time. Regarding group dynamics, I believe the following are such universal facts:

  • Endre Sjøvold, a professor at NTNU I have deep respect for, states at his website (freely translated from Norwegian): “..when you believe that learning a specific technique is enough to ensure success, is when it actually fails.  It is always so that the balance between technical skills and a genuine willingness to work together is what ensures success.” He says this in the context of looking at the history of hyped methodologies from team building to SCRUM. If you’re an innovator like me, who loves to embrace new ideas, try to keep Endre Sjøvold’s statement in mind whenever you get confused, caught up in too much details or feeling your intuition tries to tell you that something is wrong.
  • Linda Rising and Mary Lynn Manns’ Fearless Change: Patterns for Introducing New Ideas. If you haven’t read this book or been to any of Linda’s tutorials yet, you should really try it! People are not rationale, you cannot convince them with traditional argumentation, instead you should find their guru and feed him with chocolate chip cookies (amongst other patterns).

Finally I believe Joseph Pelrine is really onto something with his heat model. His talk at QCon London was great, and I’m really looking forward to his book. Meanwhile I’ll continue my search..


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